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Producing in Vietnam

We have been lucky to find a group of young entrepreneurs who think like us and understands the importance of quality control, workmanship, work atmosphere and respect for the employees.

All our products are produced by our skilled artisan friends in Vietnam, and all our products go through a long development phase with them as co-pilots.

We have a trusted manager at the factory who takes care of the quality and the environment in which the work is produced. Safe & inspiring are what we aim for.

When we say full disclosure we mean it

Our factory in Vietnam is staffed with young skilled artisans who have learned the art they employ under some of the great artisans of asia.
On the images The Natural sleeve is currently being produced.

Threads Logos 01

Threads Logos 01

Threads Logos 01

Doing it the right way

We chose to focus heavily on the production and the design as the most important ingredients in the development of the collection.

After working in the fashion industry and seeing the conditions in Asian factories, we decided to go another way, a longer, slower and tougher one.

We chose to do all the steps involved by ourselves so that we could have a higher degree of control of the product origins. We helped start a small factory in Saigon to work with us, so that quality and good conditions always went hand in hand, and we thereby managed to secure a great end-product with a clear conscience.

Threads Logos 01

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